Join the Hoffman Estates Arts Commission online via Zoom for a historical presentation by Jim Gibbons the the pandemic from 100 years ago.


The year is 1918. Thousands of United States troops are involved in World War I and millions will die. In the United States, an additional war is forming. It is called “influenza” and it will take between 40-100 million more lives. President Wilson must make a choice. He needs to decide to either quarantine the troops as the war rages on; or to send the troops over to win the war and hope for the best.


Historian Jim Gibbons will take you on the rollercoaster ride of your life: the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, the decade of the 1910’s and World War I. Gibbons will describe all the ups and downs, twists and turns, fear, mourning and joy of the 1910’s that will take you into the excitement of the Roaring 20’s!

The Details

MARCH 16 @ 7PM - 8:30PM

This will be a 1.5 hour presentation that will explore the turbulent times of the 1910s. 

ZOOM Online Meeting

This is an online event that will be held in a Zoom meeting. Go here to download Zoom. Or, if joining by phone or tablet, search "Zoom" in your app store and download it. 


A Complimentary Event Offered by the HEAC

There is no charge to attend this event that is hosted by the Hoffman Estates Arts Comission. Just click the link below to register and reserve your free virtual ticket!

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